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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
IGN: RedstoneSam
4 months ago

How to apply for Architect

Build something that is truly jaw dropping and makes you think "Wait... how... what!?"

Some people may be required to build multiple projects to acquire this rank.


How to apply for Engineer

Construct a project that grabs my attention at first, and then I will put you through the tests. 

We have (well, going to have soon) an engineer testing area where your knowledge will be put to the test.


What do I do after this?

Once you have built your projects, create a forum in Build Projects called "Architect/Engineer Portfolio - " and I will review them and make a decision 

This portfolio is also a place where you can sort all your future projects even after you've earned the rank.

When you post on your portfolio, use this following format;

Name of Project:


Start Date:

Finished Date:

A brief description of the build: (This is a place for Architects to describe their build and from where they got the idea from and Engineers a place to explain what the function of their build is)



Things to keep in mind

ALL builds must be on the server.

If you are banned, you will lose your earned rank.

If you are inactive for over a month without mentioning something to myself, you will lose your earned rank. 2 consecutive weeks of active play will reverse this.

If you are found to be copying any build from YouTube or other sources, you will lose your earned rank and be denied from earning either rank permanently. 

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- Sam, Server Manager

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