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OGCraft August 2021 Map Reset
 RedstoneSam •   9 days ago •  110

OGCraft will be resetting its map and reopen on Friday 30th July at 1pm MST!


On June 8th, Minecraft Version 1.17 Part 1 was released, and sin...

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OGCraft Partnership with TriumphNode
 RedstoneSam •   about 1 month ago •  97

As some of you have noticed, we've been doing a lot work on all the servers recently, and there's been a good reason for it.


We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with TriumphNode!


What does this mean?

From your point of view as a player, absolutely nothing is going to change, apart from a couple of wording changes on our discord and website


Sadly, Survival will be temporarily going down on Thursday 3rd June at 9:30pm MST, and this will most likely be for the following weekend too. 

Over the last few weeks we have been transferring all the data from the other servers over to TriumphNode, which is why the Minigames went down the oth...

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OGCraft May 2021 Events
 Madaam_Ragnarok •   2 months ago •  107

Hello everyone ,


We hope you’re ready for another dodgeball event, as well as a few other things!


On Saturday, May 22nd at 12pm MST we will be hosting a free for all dodgeball game, Maze games and our new game... Spleef! See below for more information!


First Game

The Maze.


This is a redstone maze created by one of the Founders, RedstoneSam. I wonder what gave that away... Anyways... this maze changes as you play and you must locate the winning room, and it could be in one of many locations! Even Sam d...

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OGCraft Server Rules!
 RedstoneSam •   6 months ago •  598

1. Do not grief.

This includes editing a building that you do not have permission to which is clearly being worked on by another player as well as stealing from others.


  • Breaking/placing blocks, killing animals/villagers, taking or depositing items into chests, sabotaging farms, destroying crops, or doing anything other than peacefully passing through the area of another player (claimed, or not).
  • Lets say, your friend and you both play on the server. your friend is offline, but you need to borrow something of theirs so you go ahead and just take it. if your friend reports this as a grief, it will not matter that you "thought ...
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OGCraft January 2020 Rank Changes
 RedstoneSam •   6 months ago •  351

Hi everyone!


As the title says, this forum post is about the upcoming rank changes for the reset that is less than 24 hours away.


You can find a full list of permissions on the store by clicking on the rank in question.


New Rank



This rank has the equal permissions to Emerald, with the addition of /pv 1


New Permissions for existing ranks


  • /pv 2
  • 15 sethomes


  • /pv 3
  • 20 s...
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