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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
IGN: RedstoneSam
6 months ago

As some of you have noticed, we've been doing a lot work on all the servers recently, and there's been a good reason for it.


We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with TriumphNode!


What does this mean?

From your point of view as a player, absolutely nothing is going to change, apart from a couple of wording changes on our discord and website


Sadly, Survival will be temporarily going down on Thursday 3rd June at 9:30pm MST, and this will most likely be for the following weekend too. 

Over the last few weeks we have been transferring all the data from the other servers over to TriumphNode, which is why the Minigames went down the other day. The only thing left of the transfer is Survival.

Now that being said, the transfer of Survival is no small job. The other servers (BungeeCord [the thing that links all the servers], Minigames and Hub) all total 2GB, whilst Survival and it's databases total 110GB. Sadly none of us Admin's have access to NASA's WiFi so we can't just download everything in 5 seconds (well, 1.21 seconds if you want to be exact) and have everything uploaded within the same day.


Why the change?

This partnership is allowing us to move away from our current host and allow us a better alternative. We won't give you the exact numbers but it has allowed us to double the lifetime of the server, which means we can put more focus into bringing you better content.


But here's some good news...

To help everyone back into the swing of things, when we reopen we will be releasing all this good stuff -

A new custom generated world, like The Beyond, but its a mix of The Beyond and default Survival

A new Amplified world with crazy mountains absolutely everywhere!

A 20% sale throughout the entire store.

20 New tags, all purchasable on the store and all the old tags from the beginning of the server (excluding a few certain ones)

Single Crate Keys will become purchasable

June's Monthly Crate, which will be the best crate to date.

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- Sam, Server Manager

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