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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
IGN: RedstoneSam
4 months ago

OGCraft will be resetting its map and reopen the 15th January 2021 at 10am MDT!


As most of you know, there was a security breach to one of the Founder’s accounts which has ultimately resulted in us resetting the map. Us founders had discussed a reset briefly, but this has just made us go into overdrive to get this completed.


We would like to thank Chunky_Pumpkin for allowing us to use his castle from his Architect Portfolio as our new spawn, obviously with a little tweaking here and there 😉.


Things that are being reset:




Money balance




And of course, all the worlds


Things that will NOT be reset:


Play time

Tags (including custom tags)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I bring items to the new map?

Sadly, you cannot. This was a difficult decision on the Founder’s part, but we decided that it would be the fairest of ways to allow an unbiased start to the new map for the players who bases were removed.


But what about the items I bought last week from the store?

We have decided that all purchases from December 2020 onwards will be reimbursed on the server, meaning you will get the items you paid for back once again. (This excludes monthly kits)


When is all this happening exactly?

We are aiming to have the server back open on the 15th January 2021 at 10am MDT.


Is the server going to be resetting when 1.17 is out?

We have not yet decided on this, but 1.17 is to release mid-late summer 2021 but we as a server would have to wait for our plugins to update as well, meaning we realistically would not be able to update until late 2021/early 2022.


Where can I get more details on any changes or tweaks?

The best place to go for this information would be our discord server as you can talk to us live and direct most times of the day thanks to our multi-time zone spread of staff.


Will this type of breach happen again?

We highly doubt it. We have installed a new plugin which is going to force all staff members, including Founder's, to have 2-factor authentication on their accounts. The only way to remove this from the accounts is via the console which only the Founders and Admins have access to.


A note from staff:

We thank everyone for sticking with us through this time and we hope that you stay with us for more years to come. Obviously, we did not want this for the server because I mean, heck who does.


If there are any other things you want to contact us staff members about, please do not hesitate to create a support ticket on our discord server or ping us on the discord itself.

Thank you – The OG Staff Team

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- Sam, Server Manager

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