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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
IGN: RedstoneSam
about 1 year ago

1. Do not grief.

This includes editing a building that you do not have permission to which is clearly being worked on by another player as well as stealing from others.


  • Breaking/placing blocks, killing animals/villagers, taking or depositing items into chests, sabotaging farms, destroying crops, or doing anything other than peacefully passing through the area of another player (claimed, or not).
  • Lets say, your friend and you both play on the server. your friend is offline, but you need to borrow something of theirs so you go ahead and just take it. if your friend reports this as a grief, it will not matter that you "thought they would be ok with it" and will be disciplined as any other grief. this goes for editing/altering builds as well. 
  • Lets say you and your friend like to prank each other by messing with each others bases, one day it gets taken too far and you are upset by what your friend has done. in the investigation of the grief, it is discovered that this was a mutual thing, both parties will be held accountable for their actions, as well as have their ban extended for wasting staff time, as griefing in any form should not be used as a way to play tricks even with good intentions. 
  • Creating a nether portal in the nether and going through it to create a nether portal in someone else's build/claim
  • Bottom line, do not do anything to another players belongings and builds without explicit permission, and we would recommend keeping evidence (screenshots) of them giving you the go ahead.


2. Do not spam.

This means do not use excessive characters or send the same message over and over again.


  • "nooooo" "nooooooooooooo" "NOOOOO" <--- excessive character usage. appropriate replacement; "noo!"
  • "tp to me! tp to me! tp to me! tp to me!" <--- this applies whether or not it is put in multiple messages, or in one big message. appropriate replacement; "Tp to me!" and waiting several minutes before repeating the message.
  • In the case of multi- person spamming- person A "M" person B"I" person A "N" person B "E" person A "C" person B"R" person A "A" person B "F" Person A "T"  <--- even though the messages are short, this still takes up a large space of chat and is considered spam. 

3. Do not scam.

If you agree on a deal with a player, you must go through with the deal or cancel it completely. You cannot take their items and refuse to pay your end of the deal.

This also includes false advertisements.


  • Lying about what enchants are on tools, lying about the use of certain items, lying about the durability on an item, lying about how many items you will give, etc.
  • Lets say you are going to pay someone 100$ in game for a diamond pickaxe, the player you are making the deal with drops the pickaxe first and you do not pay them, or vise versa. 
  • You tell someone you will pay them 100,000$ in game for an OP spawner, but only really pay them 10,000$
  • Telling someone you will pay them later for an item they have given you, and never doing so, or procrastinating it beyond reasonability.


4. Do not dupe.

Duplicating items is strictly forbidden on the server. TNT dupers fall under this.


  • You need lots of one item, so you lookup online how to duplicate items and do it on the server. this is bannable and it does not matter how many items you dupe. 
  • You find a glitch that duplicates items while you are playing on accident, and decide to exploit it and keep the items rather than throwing them away. this will be punished the same as if you were intending on doing this. 


5. Do not build inappropriate things.

This means anything that goes against someone's beliefs, cultures, attacks another player in a malicious way unless you have that players' consent to do so.


WARNING: some examples given may offend you, skip to the next rule if you would prefer.

  • Nudity: any builds, pixel arts, item names, animal names, shop names, nicknames, or signs pertaining to inappropriate body parts
  • 69 is not to be used other than when it is needed in an appropriate way ("we have 69 sand left", "the base is 69 blocks away", "go to y-69"
  • Any builds, pixel arts, item names, animal names, shop names, nicknames, or signs pertaining to target a religion and their beliefs 
  • Any builds, pixel arts, item names, animal names, shop names, nicknames, or signs pertaining to the shaming, bullying, or slandering of someone due to something that is out of their control: sexuality, gender, religious beliefs, family, skin color, weight, medical issues, speech impediments, disabilities, etc. <--- absolutely no toleration for this on our server. anything regarding these is a immediate permanent ban.

6. Do not swear/cuss excessively. Keep it PG.

Contact a staff member if you are unsure which swears are allowed/not allowed.


7. Do not ask staff for ranks, items or money.

More on this - If you should have a rank and you don't, please tell us that you should already have it instead of demanding for a rank.


  • "*staff name* can I have fly?"
  • "*staff name* can you give me some diamonds
  • "*staff name* can I have a rank?"
  • GOOD EXAMPLE- "*staff name* I bought a rank on the store and it hasn't been given to me yet, can you help me?"
  • GOOD EXAMPLE-"*staff name* how do I get fly?"

8. Do not use any mods and/or texture packs that give you an ingame advantage such as X-Ray. Mini-maps also falls under this.

If you lie or pretend to be using hacks, you will be punished on the same level as if you were hacking

Anything that allows you to see caves, ores and entities through walls that you wouldnt be able to do in a vanilla minecraft client are NOT allowed. This also includes things that let you locate ores easily such as pathfinding and auto miner.


  • Xray
  • Speed (without a rank that provides it)
  • Mini maps
  • Kill aura
  • Afk evaders
  • Fly (without a rank that provides it)

You can find our allowed mods by doing /mods on the server

9. Respect all players regardless of their beliefs.

Do not be homophobic or racist. We accept anyone and everyone here and want the community to be a safe space (this also includes aliens if they ever visit)


  • Homophobia
  • Racism
  • Religion
  • Personal beliefs
  • Opinions
  • Ableism
  • Classism
  • Age
  • Political views

10. Do not impersonate another player.

This includes creating an account 3 or something along those lines. Sam has two accounts, RedstoneSam and RedstoneSam2 and if someone were to make RedstoneSam3, that account would be banned. If you impersonate a staff member, this will result in a 1 month ban and permanent remove of /nick permission


  • Original players name: Redstonesam2   impersonators nickname: Redstonesam3
  • Claiming you are someones alternate account when you are not


11. English in main chat, other languages can go to /msg.

We don't want people zoning out from chat because this could result in players turning off chat completely and missing out on events, announcements and other things in chat.


12. Do not bypass the afk kick.

If you are found to be using an afk machine, pool or client to bypass this, you will be banned and your play time will be reset completely regardless of what rank you are. This also includes auto-fish farms and autoclickers.


  • Any build or device that will allow you to be away from your computer and not be kicked by the AFK kick
  • Any real life resources being used to be able to leave your computer and not be kicked by the AFK kick


13. Staff have the final say in punishments.

The staff member who is responsible for your punishment will most likely be the one to reply to any ban appeal you may choose to make. it does not matter the rank of the staff member, and a different staff member will only be brought in at the request of the original staff member. 

  • You get banned by *staff1* and want to appeal it, *staff1* will be the one to handle and reply to the appeal
  • You get banned by *staff1* and want a different member of staff to deal with the appeal. you will need to express this to *staff1* and they will decide if there is a valid reason to bring in a second staff member.
  • You get banned by *staff1* and choose to not write an appeal and instead discord message *staff2*, *staff2* will not get involved and that information will be relayed back to *staff1*
  • You get banned by *staff1* and due to the availability of *staff1*, *staff2* responds to your appeal, *staff1* will still be the person to decide whether or not to appeal the ban. 


14. Try not to talk about politics.

We don't want that on the server as everyone has different views and most of the time when politics gets brought up, it causes arguments.

  • Shaming someone for their political views
  • Targeting someone for their political views
  • Going in depth into your own or other peoples political standpoint
  • Going into depth of your opinion of politicians
  • Things such as  "I personally voted blue this last election" and "Anyone who voted red is an idiot" should not be said on the server

15. Do not mention other server IPs

Other names of servers are allowed, but sharing IPs has to be done off server (sending it through private messages on the server or on signs is forbidden)


  • GOOD EXAMPLE- "I play on hypixel sometimes, *playername* wanna try it out this weekend? message me on discord if you do!"
  • BAD EXAMPLE- "*playername*, lets go play on hypixel! the IP is..."
  • BEST EXAMPLE- "hey *playername*, Ive been meaning to ask you about this server I like, Im gonna message you on discord!"

16. Shop and Town player warp rules can be found at /warp Info

Any violation of the rules regarding player warps will result in immediate termination of the warp.


  • Not taking the time to go to /warp info and reading the rules of player warps, resulting in the shop being non-compliant
  • Taking the time to look at the shop rules, but choosing to ignore them
  • Lying or deceiving staff to make it seem like your shop is in compliance when it actually is not

17.  Treat ALL staff with kindness and respect, regardless of their rank.

I understand to most people, being a staff member looks like great fun and games and special privileges, but the truth is our staff team is full of amazing people who work hard every day to make the server run smoothly for everyone. Our staff want nothing more than to have a server where there is no punishments needed, but sadly that is not realistic. We aim to treat every player like a friend and we do our best to make sure that everything is done in a fair, just manner, but sadly that cannot always be the case and our staff are humans too who make mistakes or have misunderstandings. We ask all our players treat every staff member kindly, even in the case of a ban appeal. I hate that things have come to a point where we have to make this a written rule, but any and all disrespect or ill intentions towards staff members will be met with severe punishment, as we have an obligation to look out for our fellow staff just as much as we are obligated to look after you.

18. Use common sense 


If you have a monthly rank and are temporarily or permanently banned, you will NOT be refunded the remaining time on your monthly donation, whether that be in money or extra days.

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- Sam, Server Manager

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