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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
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6 months ago

OGCraft will be resetting its map and reopen on Friday 30th July at 1pm MST!


On June 8th, Minecraft Version 1.17 Part 1 was released, and since then we have been keeping an eye on plugins to see when we would be ready to update, and we believe that the time has now come!


We’ve been planning this reset for a while now, and we would like to thank Jess, NixStyx, ChunkyPumpkin, CapnJabai and Elliott for helping us build the new spawn. 


New spawn? What’s going to be happening to the old one? Well, on the 29th of July we will be removing certain plugins and allowing players to wreak havoc on the server, including spawn!


Some new additions;

We have added in a new questing plugin, accessed via /quest! Some of these quests pay out in game money, spawner keys and items that can only be obtained via the quests!


A big new feature

This is something us Admins have been discussing, and we hope you guys like it… We have decided that we are going to start giving out a $35 prize pool to the top 3 voters of that month, starting with August. “How do I win this?” I hear you ask. It’s super simple! All you have to do is have 40 hours of play time by the end of the month and vote the most by using the command /vote. Here are the prizes

1st - $20 PayPal

 2nd - $10 PayPal

 3rd - $5 PayPal

 If you don’t have PayPal, we can give you a store voucher, but our aim of this prize pool is to allow you to spend it wherever you please!


Staff Role Changes

 We are also changing how our staff team runs slightly!


We are adding in the Trial-Mod rank. This is the first rank you receive on your journey in the staff team. This is to allow you to have an introduction to the staff team, learn what the other moderators do and have a better understanding of what it means to become a Moderator whilst also shadowing and learning from the current staff members.


Moderator - These guys are your first point of call to the staff team who will then escalate issues to the Admins if need be!


Junior Admin - These wonderful people are a “Trial-Admin” if you will, where they receive a specific management role within the server. This is where they prove themselves in the Admin role


Temporarily Disabled Features


We are still currently waiting for Tags and Sell Wands to update to 1.17. What will this mean? You will not have any tags or be able to equip them, and sell wands will act as a normal Hoe. Once we install the new updated versions of the plugins, everything will automatically fall into place and be exactly how it should be! We have been ready for the update for a few weeks now, and these are the only things holding us up, but we couldn’t wait any longer to bring you the new map!


Anyhow… reset information is below!


Now this reset is slightly different to the last, because now we are allowing players to bring over 1 shulker box per player and must be handed into a staff member before Tuesday 27th July, and we are also starting the normal survival world with a smaller world border, more on that below! Do /kit Shulker to receive a free shulker box!


Things that are being reset:




Money balance




And, of course, all the worlds


Things that will NOT be reset:


Play time


Architect & Engineer World


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I bring items to the new map?

Grab yourself a shulker box and rename it with your minecraft username (not nickname!). Fill it up as much as you can and hand it over to a staff member, but once we have been given the shulker box you cannot get it back. This must be done by Tuesday 27th July. Money vouchers cannot be brought over. 


But what about the items I bought last week from the store?

We have decided that all key purchases from 15th June to today will be reimbursed on the server, meaning you will get the keys you paid for back once again. (This excludes monthly kits as you will receive a new one once the map opens up.)


When is all this happening exactly?

We are aiming to have the server back open on Friday 30th July  at 1pm MST. We will be closing the server Tuesday 27th to allow us Admins to do final preparation to the server.


Is the server going to be resetting when 1.17 Part 2/1.18 is out?

No. From what Mojang has been saying, we will be able to transition all the worlds without any issues, so because of this we have decided to open with a smaller world border on the normal survival world and then expand once we update.


I have shulker boxes that I want to turn into shells!

Go to /warp Vault and you will see some barter chests where you can change these over. If your shulker box doesn’t work, please let a staff member know who will give you shulker shells for them.


Will there be a world download of the current map before it gets destroyed?

Yes! After we close we will release the world files for everyone to download! We still need to finalise where we can share this with you as the world files are very, very large. Please note that things such at /home and /warps will not work, so please write down all your base coordinates!


I have a monthly rank, what happens with the time left?

If you purchased the rank from the store, we will add on 16 days (or the length of time until we reopen) so you do not miss out on days. If you redeemed your rank from a voucher, sadly we cannot add this time on. Only Admins can verify this.


Please feel free to ask any questions below and we will do our best to answer them! We will also be adding them to the FAQ section once they are answered :)

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- Sam, Server Manager

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