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Discord: RedstoneSam#0134
IGN: RedstoneSam
6 months ago

Hi everyone!


As the title says, this forum post is about the upcoming rank changes for the reset that is less than 24 hours away.


You can find a full list of permissions on the store by clicking on the rank in question.


New Rank



This rank has the equal permissions to Emerald, with the addition of /pv 1


New Permissions for existing ranks


  • /pv 2
  • 15 sethomes


  • /pv 3
  • 20 sethomes
  • /top


  • /pv 4
  • 25 sethomes
  • /speed
  • /mend


  • /pv 5
  • 30 sethomes


  • /pv 6
  • 35 sethomes

But I already have a donator rank? What  this mean for me?

We have decided that if you previously bought a rank, these additions to your rank will come to you free of charge!


What about the other permissions not listed?

All of these changes are additions to the ranks so no permissions are being removed (Such as /god not being listed for OG here but OG still has /god)

Last edited: 6 months ago

- Sam, Server Manager

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